Procedure for Grant Applications


1. Provided that the £20.00 subscription to BCGBA has been paid and your Club has not had a BCGBA Grant in the last 5 years, complete the Application Form which is obtained by contacting the BCGBA Financial Officer:

Graeme Underhill

16 Broad Street


West Midlands


m: 07808 684 411 



2. There is a unique Reference Number at the top right hand corner of the Application Form. This MUST be used in all communications regarding this Application.


3. Complete the form and return it to your County Secretary together with:

a) copies of any Planning Permission, plans, photographs and quotations, whichever and wherever necessary

b) a copy of the Bowling Club’s latest Annual Accounts

c) a current copy of the Club’s Insurance Policy within 60 days of first contacting the Financial Officer. If not returned in that time, a new request will be required.


4. If everything is in order, a response should be received within 12 weeks.


Guidelines for Grants

New Bowling Green   £850

New Floodlights    £350

New Pavilion    £350

Irrigation for the Bowling Green  £300

Toilets     £250

New Shelter    Up to £250

Fencing and Paths   Up to £150

Extending a Bowling Green  Up to £150

Legal Fees to fight Green closure - 50% Up to £300


Procedure on Completion

1. Take appropriate photographs.


2. Send to the Financial Officer confirming completion.


3. On receipt by the BCGBA Financial Officer, payment of the Grant will be made provided that the receipt of ‘Proof of Completion’ is received within 12 months of the Grant Approval.


4. If you cannot complete within 12 months then contact the Financial Officer with an explanation and to obtain an extension.


Please note that a Loan Scheme is now in operation.


For further details contact the BCGBA Financial Officer.


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