Increasing Sports Participation and Protecting Playing Fields




Founded in 1925 by King George V, Fields in Trust is an independent charity operating throughout the UK to safeguard and improve outdoor spaces for sport, play and recreation for future generations.


We currently protect more than 2,600 outdoor recreational spaces including parks, sports pitches and playgrounds – more than 30,000 acres in total. These spaces are protected through a legal instrument called a deed of dedication. As well as protecting individual spaces we campaign for greater statutory protection of all green spaces and produce guidance on the provision of outdoor space for sport and play.


Many sports clubs protect their grounds with us, you could join them. In addition to our ongoing protection, we also have a programme running at the moment called Centenary Fields, to commemorate the centenary of World War I. If your club is more than 100 years old and you had members who fought in the War you could be part of the programme that we are delivering in partnership with The Royal British Legion.


The benefits of protecting land as a Centenary Field include:


• Joining the nationwide legacy of protected recreation spaces dedicated with ‘Centenary Field’ status to mark the Centenary of World War I and honour the memory of those who fought and lost their lives in the conflict.


• Access to grant funding from time to time


• Providing external funders with evidence that their investment is secured for the long term


• Free support materials for ‘Centenary Have a Field Day’ commemorations to help facilitate local Centenary commemorations and engage the community to participate in Centenary activities at the site


• Free Centenary Field plaque to install at the club to promote its Centenary Field status


• The opportunity to submit nominations for various categories at the Annual Fields in Trust Awards which celebrate the efforts and achievements of landowners, user groups and individuals who support and encourage activities on spaces protected with us.


We would be very pleased to protect some Bowls Clubs as part of the programme, or through our general FIT Protection for clubs that haven’t been around for 100 years.



To find out more about our work please see our latest Protection Summary and FAQ's available to download here

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