BCGBA has partnered with sport grant funding experts, wctd limited. If your club is interested in seeking  grants to develop, the following support is available:



  • Production of a list of suitable grant funders for Bowls clubs

  • Funding enquiry form

  • Individual club funding support (chargeable)




Production of a list of suitable grant funders for Bowls Clubs

wctd limited has provided a downloadable funding guide for a range of funding options that may be suitable for your club.

Click here to download


Funding enquiry form

Click here to download the enquiry form to ask for funding assistance from wctd limited.

Complete the attached form in word and email to


Karen will then be in touch with your club to discuss your funding requirements. The funding support to identify and write grant applications is chargeable, however some of these costs may be eligible within grant applications.


Individual club funding support

If you are looking for major investment in your club such as green improvements or pavilion extension then wctd limited can offer a funding feasibility report at a BCGBA special rate. Simply complete the funding enquiry form and send to Karen for further details.



Further information on wctd limited can be found here


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