Running a Club Open Day is possibly the best way to get your local community more involved with your club and to attract new members.


Some clubs run a successful open day year in, year out; however this does not work for everyone. If running an Open Day isn’t for you then why not give one of these ideas a try to attract new members?


  • Run a stall or bowls activity at a community Fete or Funday. Not only will you raise some money, you can talk to the visitors about where your club is and what’s on offer.

  • Arrange an ‘Intersport Challenge’ where local sports teams play a variety of sports against each other in a league  – this has worked well in recent years with Pool, Darts, Cricket and Tennis as well as Dominoes and Cards teams getting involved.

  • Promote a regular ‘Visitors or Public Session’ at your green. Ensure you have members on hand to support those that come and give it a go.

  • Arrange a schedule of coaching sessions over a six to eight week period open to all.

  • Link in with other community groups to arrange taster sessions – eg Rotary, Round Table, WI, Guides, Scouts.

If you are planning on attracting new members this season then why not use our new Promotional Posters or Open Day guide to help you plan?

There are a variety of posters ready for use which can be downloaded and printed at home, or saved as a PDF file and emailed to your local print shop who can print them professionally for you. There are spaces to add your details to the poster – this can be done by hand or by editing the poster on your laptop (you may need to ask your printer to do this for you if you do not have the PDF software).




Click posters below to view and download

If you would like to share ideas for successful Open Days that you have hosted or have any feedback then please get in touch:

Good Luck with your endeavours, please don’t forget to get in touch and share your activities with your local County Association so that they can support you.




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