Technology progresses to impact on our game. Never before has it been as easy to communicate and as the tide of change swamps Clubs and Competitions its time for the BCGBA to provide guidance, support and assistance to ensure the game, it’s history and information is a viable as are books, entry sheets and those ever so precious memories captured by phone, camera and live streaming.

The BCGBA will offer ‘technology training’ publications, information and training to all age groups, and especially those who realise nobody knows everything!

Technology can be a massive catalyst to promoting, supporting and developing our game. It can, I’m afraid, become monoplised and driven in a direction heading for trouble.

The BCGBA have recognised this and are please to announce a new CTO position.

“The potential benefits to the BCGBA and all levels of Crown Green Bowling for technology is huge. It is exciting and scary. Today, thanks to the magnificent efforts of mainly technology volunteers, we have many varied and interesting solutions. In building a technology strategy for the BCGBA we must evolve to work as one.”