Three new Board members have been formally appointed to the BDA Board, representing the start of a forward thinking, cooperative partnership for the Sport of Bowls.

The Bowls Development Alliance (BDA) is pleased to announce the formal appointments of three new Board members at their April meeting. 

Following his successful advisory role on the BDA Board, Mark Bircumshaw, the Chief Executive Officer of the British Crown Green Bowling Association was voted onto the board as a full member. 

Steve Watson, the Chairperson of Disability Bowls England was the second member to be voted onto the Board and will act as a specialist advisor on disability bowls as well as Chair for the BDA Disability Action Group. 

Lisa Graham, BDA Managing Director was also confirmed as a Board Director.

Malcolm Douglas, Chair of the BDA commented: “We are delighted to welcome Mark, Steve and Lisa to our Board. They all bring a wide range of significant and complimentary skills to us as we develop our business model to embrace representation from the wider bowls community. As we work towards a sustainable long-term strategy for the sport their contributions will be of great value”.