Following our submission to the Department of Sport the following is now permitted as long as all social distancing rules and bubble rules are followed.   I have had to clarify the compliance with a maximum of 30 and bubble size of 6.  I have also had to clarify that our team matches are a series of individual games.

Inter-club friendlies – up to a maximum of 12 singles games (maximum of 30 in the gathering).  This would also allow 6 doubles games etc.

League matches – following social distancing as above.

Open Competitions / competitions – to comply with the social distancing the maximum rounds that could be played on a single day is 4.  This would mean a total of 6 in the bubble assuming all other social distancing is maintained.  In practice, this would allow up to 16 (groups of) playing down to 4 with a finals day on a later day (singles).  To run an open competition the dates would need to be agreed in the normal way with the county secretary and an action plan completed to ensure the Covid issued have been addressed.

Hopefully, this will allow a wider participation for those who want to organise matches.  Each League will need to assess what they intend to do for the rest of the season.

Mark Bircumshaw



Following discussions with each County Association and a County level survey on BCGBA National competitions, we have decided to roll over all competitions to 2021.  This covers the Men’s, Juniors, Veterans and Ladies competitions.

This means that the fixtures for all our 2020 County Championships (Seniors, Juniors, Ladies) will be moved to 2021, with a subsequent delay in the 5-year rota for the Men’s County Championship.

The Presidential Rota’s will also carry over to 2021 with the Men’s Senior Merit remaining in Cumbria, Junior Merit in Greater Manchester and Ladies Merit in Greater Manchester.

The Men’s World Club Championships Qualifiers for 2020 will also roll over to 2021 and we will issue further information when we are able to do so.

It is hoped to find a suitable date to complete the 2019 Ladies Champions of Champions  later in the year, subject to restrictions allowing.

The Handbook 2020 will therefore cover 2020/2021 and an addendum will be produced in 2021 to reflect date changes etc. This will be updated on the website as soon as we are able to confirm dates and agreement with relevant venues.

This decision has been taken to ensure that we are able to protect the safety of our membership as at this time it is not possible to ensure we would be able to complete matches and qualifiers in a safe and secure way.