The player due to deliver the jack, this could be the leader or the opponent dependent on circumstances, delivers their bowl instead. Does the player forfeit their bowl or the right to deliver the jack?                                                                                                                                                                                                                Under D5 an end COMMENCES when the leader delivers the jack. If the leader delivers their bowl instead of the jack, then the end has not commenced so the leader does not forfeit their bowl or the right to deliver the jack. If the opponent is to deliver the jack and delivers their bowl in error the under Law 5.12 the bowl has been sent out of turn so is returned to played in the proper order, i.e., after the jack has been delivered.

Do the new Laws 7.5 and 7.6 contradict each other?
The short answer is No. Reason – before the end is concluded i.e., when all the bowls have come to rest then Law 7.6 will apply and any player touching or displacing a still jack or bowl will forfeit all their bowls at that end. Once the end is concluded a player may move their own non-counting bowl without penalty but must not move the jack or a bowl claimed to count without the consent of the opponent or the offender will forfeit all their bowls for that end.

Are ‘smart watches’ used for health purposes allowed on the green?
Yes, if they are used to monitor the wearer’s health and are not used for any other purpose e.g., to accept messages, or listen to music, then they can be worn.

What happens if a player starts a game whilst wearing any form of open-toed footwear?
The player will forfeit the match receiving their score as is, and their opponent receiving the maximum score.

After a player forfeits a bowl, the end is subsequently declared ‘dead’ or ‘void. Does the player have the bowl reinstated for the replayed end?
No, any dead bowls can be reinstated but any forfeited bowls are still forfeit for the restarted end.

The leader at the start of the match moves the footer and places it 1.5 metres from the edge. Are they allowed to do so?
Under Law 2.5 the leader is entitled to place the footer anywhere within 3 metres on either side of the Entrance to the green and at least 1 metre from the edge but not more than 2 metres from the edge.

The leader in a pairs match sends their partner’s bowl. What are the consequences of doing so?
A. Law 5.13 states that if a player ‘delivers a bowl of another player …. the offender forfeiting a bowl’. Therefore, the player will forfeit a bowl and any subsequent bowls sent after the offending bowl are returned to be played in their proper order.

The leader forfeits the jack, e.g., not setting a mark or sending the jack off the green, and following the opponent’s delivery of the jack, the opponent delivers their bowl after the jack stops moving. Does the opponent forfeit their bowl?
No. Under Definitions D1a, the Leader must deliver the first bowl after any attempt to set a mark. The opponent sending their bowl first means the bowl was sent out of turn and therefore must be returned to be played in its proper order.

After a ‘dead’ end or ‘void’ end, i.e., no points awarded, who has the first attempt to set the mark for the new ‘end’?
The first attempt for the ‘new end’ is made by the player who set the mark in the ‘dead/void end’ but the leader, the player who scored the last point before the ‘dead/void end’ will deliver the first bowl to the jack.


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