British Crown Green Bowling Association


BCGBA Referees Society




(as adopted on December 4th 2021)



1          Name

The Society shall be known as the British Crown Green Referees Society, hereinafter called the BCGRS.

2          Objects

a          To nominate and provide qualified Referees for the game of bowls played under the Laws of the British Crown Green Bowling Association (BCGBA).

b          To consult with the BCGBA on the Laws of the Game and possible amendments and additions thereto and to give guidance when necessary.

c          To govern all examinations on the Laws of the Game.

3          Membership

Any qualified referee who is a fully paid up member of their local County Referees Society must also be a member of BCGRS and pay the requisite subscription. County referee societies must submit to the BCGRS Secretary by April 30th a full list of members in a format agreed by the Management Committee with. Failure to do so will incur a £10 per month fine.

4          Officers

a          The Officers of the BCGRS shall be a Chairman, a Vice- Chairman, and a Secretary.

b          The Chairman and Vice-Chairman shall be elected at the AGM and hold office for two years, the Chairman in even numbered years, Vice-Chairman in odd-numbered years, starting in 2014.

c          The Secretary shall be appointed through a recruitment process held in partnership with the BCGBA. (See Addendum A) The position of Secretary of BCGRS shall be a permanent one, with the Secretary giving a one-month notice of resignation, and a three-month termination period on behalf of the BCGRS Delegates Committee.

d          The Chairman shall take the Chair at all meetings, in his/her absence the Vice-Chairman, or in the absence of both, an elected Chairman from the Management Committee. The Chairman shall not vote unless the votes are equal when he/she shall have a casting vote only.

5          Finances

The day to day financial administration of the BCGRS shall be conducted by the Treasurer. Two Accounts Examiners would be appointed to annually check the accounts and produce the balance sheet.

6          Administration

For the purposes of Administration, the Country shall be divided into five areas, the composition of which shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting of the BCGRS.

7          Meetings

a          The Annual General Meeting of the BCGRS shall be held on the 1st Saturday in December of each year. At the Annual General Meeting, each County Association affiliated to the BCGBA shall be entitled to send four Representatives together with their County referees delegate and each shall have a vote. All must be members of the BCGRS.

b          An Extra-Ordinary General Meeting may be called by the Management Committee if they so decide, or, by Notice received by the Management Committee signed by at least three secretaries of County Referees Societies. Such notice shall clearly state the business for which the meeting shall be called and no matters may be discussed at the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting except those shown on the agenda.

c          The Secretary shall give at least twenty one days notice of any General Meeting except where the Management Committee consider it to be expedient, a shorter notice may be given.

d          Any Notices of Motion shall be in the hands of the Secretary at least twenty eight days before the Annual  General Meeting, such motion to be formally seconded at the Annual General Meeting and no Notice of Motion shall be withdrawn without the consent of the meeting.

e          Amendments to proposals have to be received by the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the AGM.

8          Management Committee

a          The five elected Area representatives shall form the Management Committee, along with the Officers of the BCGRS.

b          The Management Committee shall meet at least twice a year and shall deal with the affairs of the BCGRS, except  on matters of principle and policy, which shall be dealt with at the Annual General Meeting of the BCGRS.

c          Four members of the Management Committee shall form a quorum.

d          The Management Committee shall have the power to appoint Sub-Committees and shall also have the power to co-opt members of BCGRS to cover any vacancies as necessary.

e          Each Area Representative shall be elected at the AGM by the county referees delegates of that area, and they shall serve for a period of two years.

f           The Management meetings to take place on the third Saturday in February and the second Saturday in October.

9          Delegates Committee

a          The delegates shall meet once a year, on the second Saturday of October.

b          Each County Association affiliated to BCGBA is entitled to send one delegate, who must be a member of BCGRS.

10        Rules and Constitution

Amendment of Rules and Constitution shall require a two thirds majority of those present and entitled to vote at the AGM.

11        Contractual Expenses

All Contractual Expenses shall be decided at the AGM.

12        Annual Subscription

a          Annual Subscription shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting. The Annual Subscription shall be paid to the  County Society by 31st March of the year following the Annual General Meeting. County Societies will be fined £10 per month for membership fees not forwarded to the BCGRS Treasurer by April 30th of the year following the AGM.

b          Any member whose subscription remains unpaid by the 31st May of that year shall cease to be a member of the BCGRS   but may reapply for membership in the following year, any outstanding subscriptions to be paid.

c          Any member whose subscription remains unpaid for two years shall be required to reapply for membership of the BCGRS and re-sit the BCGRS examination

13        Accounts

Two Accounts Examiners shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting to examine and report on the accounts.

14        Wagering

No member of the BCGRS, while officiating  in  matches or tournaments, shall wager either directly or indirectly on that match or tournament at any time. Any member of the BCGRS so doing shall be expelled from the BCGRS.

15        Disputes

a          Any disputes concerning a member of the BCGRS and his own County Association shall be dealt with by that County Association. The member may Appeal to the BCGRS, paying a deposit of £20.00, which may be returnable if the appeal is upheld.

b          Any dispute between a BCGRS member and a County Association of which he is not a member shall be heard by the BCGRS. A deposit of £20.00 shall be paid which may be returnable at the discretion of the BCGRS, the said dispute    to be reported to the Secretary within seven days of the event taking place and the hearing to take place within twenty-one days of the receipt of the protest. The BCGRS member may appeal to the BCGBA under their Bye Laws.

16        Referee Qualifications for National, County, Televised and Media Broadcast Events.

a          Must possess a grade ‘A’ certificate (written/oral and practical).

b          Must be a member of the British Crown Green Referees Society.

17        Referees Dress

a          Trousers/skirts to be grey, trousers full length with no patch pockets, skirts to be at least knee length. Blazers to be Black or Navy Blue in colour and must have the BCGRS blazer badge on the breast pocket. Sweaters must be V-necked. Shirts are to be white (single colour), short or long sleeves and display (optional) the BCGRS badge on the left breast. BCGRS tie or cravat to be worn, ties (Grey) cravats (Navy Blue). Polo shirts, white in colour, may be worn, but if worn without a jacket or sweater must have the BCGRS badge. Footwear maybe any single colour. NO BLOCK HEELS.

b          For BCGBA appointed matches the referee has the option, whilst officiating on the green, of wearing the official blazer and/or the official sweater. If due to extremely hot weather the referee wishes to officiate without the blazer or sweater they should gain permission from the senior home official at the venue. In such cases the ‘white shirt’ must have the BCGRS logo.

c          A new design of t-shirt be allowed immediately and replace the white polo shirt in December 2022

18        Patron

a          The BCGRS may if it so desires have a Patron who shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting and shall remain Patron so long as interest is maintained in the BCGRS.

b          The Patron shall be entitled to attend all BCGRS meetings and will be entitled to vote.

19        Life Members

a          The BCGRS Management Committee may if it so desires, at an AGM, bestow Life Membership of BCGRS on any member of BCGRS.

b          Any Life Member shall be exempt from paying the annual subscription to the BCGRS.

c          A Life Member shall be entitled to attend the AGM and will be entitled to vote.

20        Code of Conduct

All members of the BCGRS shall abide  by the Code of Conduct.

21        Dissolution Clause

Should the Delegates Committee, by a majority, decide, on grounds of expediency or otherwise, to dissolve the British Crown Green Referees Society, it shall call  an Extra Ordinary General Meeting giving 21 days notice.  At this meeting, if a two thirds majority of those present and eligible to vote decide to dissolve the British Crown Green Referees Society, the Delegates Committee shall have the power to dispose of the assets of the Society after all liabilities and debts have been cleared. The beneficiaries of such assets shall be the County Referees Societies or such charities as decided by a majority of the Delegates Committee

22        DBS Checks

All referees undertaking appointments for official BCGBA competitions must have had a DBS  check  within  the last three years, and forwarded the certificate number, and date, to the Secretary.



Recruitment Process for Appointment of the Secretary to the BCGRS

1          The Secretary of BCGRS shall be appointed following a recruitment and interview process.

2          The Secretary of BCGRS will be an Officer of BCGBA and therefore, any interview process must involve a representative of BCGBA.

3          The position of Secretary of BCGRS will be advertised nationally through the County Associations affiliated to BCGBA.

4          Any applicant for the position will be given a full ‘person specification’ and a full ‘job description’ at least seven days  prior to interview.

5          The interview panel will consist of the Chairman of BCGRS, the Vice-Chairman of BCGRS, a representative of the five Area Representatives on the BCGRS Management Committee, a representative of the Delegates Committee of BCGRS (this representative cannot be a member of the Management Committee) and a representative from BCGBA.

6          The Chairman of BCGRS can, if in his/her opinion there is insufficient recruitment expertise on the interview panel; co-opt a person to the panel to assist them in making the appointment. The co-opted person will not have a vote.

7          The questions asked at the interview should initially be the  same for each candidate, and will be agreed by the interview panel before the interviews commence.

8          The Secretary of BCGRS shall keep, in an envelope sealed by   the Chairman at the conclusion of the interviews, all papers associated with the interviews for a period of five years.



David Lamb (Patron)

Keith Andrews (Chairman)

Pat Crowther (Vice Chairman)

David Williams (Secretary / Treasurer)



Colin Haworth (Cumbria)                                 

Graham Pickavance (Lancashire) – Area Delegate

Evelyn Hastings (North Lancs & Fylde)


Yvette Gregory (Cheshire)                               

John Crowther (Merseyside) –  Area Delegate

Peter Higham (Wales)                          

AREA 3 *

Nigel Fryer (Greater Manchester)        

Trevor Kelly (South Yorkshire)             

Pat Stephenson (Yorkshire)                             


Glynn Holmes (Derbyshire)                              

Barry Massey (Potteries & District)      

John Andrews (Staffordshire) – Area Delegate


Len Peach (North Midlands) 

Phil Scott (Shropshire)                                    

Phil Ellett (Warwick & Worcester) –  Area Delegate

* Temporary Area Delegate

David Williams


AREA 1 – Cumbria – Lancashire – North Lancs & Fylde



Alan Anderson

Mike Aspinall

Charles Ellis

Cliff Etherden

Colin Haworth

Julie Johnson

Richard Noble

Marjorie Park

Lorna Shields


Keith Andrews

Ian Hulse

Francis McLaren

Ken Moffitt

Graham Pickavance

John Pownell

Paul Pownell


Stuart Andrews

Alison Ashworth

Norman Capell

Keith Church

Patricia Conchie

Terry Cooper

Carl Fazackerely

Bill Hannigan

Evelyn Hastings

Christopher Hayes

Susan Hilton

Mary Jones

Angela Lea

Christopher Leeming

Marilyn Osman

Suzanne Sinclair

Beverley Sumner

Brian Swift

Mick Whalle

Terence Wood

Colin Wright

Janet Wright

Thomas Wright


AREA 2 – Cheshire – Merseyside – Wales – Isle of Man




Sylvia Bostock

Helen Brewin

Yvette Gregory

Viv Hampton

Jean Harrington

Jack Hazeldine

Joan Holt

Mike Procter

Brian Renton

Bruce Simpson

Ian Smith

George Stiff

Hazel Tordoff

Mike Tordoff

Margaret Wheeler

Nick Youngson


Stephen Ball

Edwin Berry

Naureen Bunting

Tony Cavanagh

Roy Cooke

Lynne Cooper

John Crowther

Pat Crowther

William Dow

Mary Fishwick

Peter Fishwick

Kye Gorman

Lynsey Gorman

Rick Keeley

Susan Nugent

Margaret Page

John Pritchard

John Rigg



Ian Black

Jim Clarke

Allan Davies

David T Evans

Derrick Evans

Richard Haywood

Peter Higham

Peter Hughes

Peter Kempster

Arthur Peake

Ashley Zepeda



Marilyn Ellison

Sue Gawne

Brian Kelly

Caroline Whitehead


AREA 3 – Greater Manchester – South Yorkshire – Yorkshire




Bill Bezer

Mervyn Edwards

Nigel Fryer

Agnes Gandy

Graham Jones

David Lamb

David Williams


Matt Tomlinson


Ian Alderman

Leslie Bailey

Paul Bailey

Jonathan Edmondson

Douglas Fraser

Eddie Gilbert

Russell Gilbert

Anthony Groves

Graham Hey

Christine Hillas

Glynnis Philbin

Michael Rhodes

Patricia Stephenson

Bernadette Toon

Raymond Tunnacliffe

David White

Bob Williams

Hayley Wood


AREA 4 – Derbyshire – Potteries & District – Staffordshire




Les Ashmole

Dave Brown

Neil Brown

Sue Brown

Ian Eaton

Alan Harrison

Adam Hawker

Ann Hawker

Paul Hawker

Margaret Hoare

Graham Jackson

Christine Jordan

Marilyn Kelly-Walley

Barbara Lowe

Leon McCarthy

Russell Mosley

Beverley North

Martin North

Nick Parr

Mike Smith

Terry Summerlin

Peter Wheeldon

Howard Whitewood

Jacquie Williams

Margaret Wright


Roy Allen

Barry Booth

Barry Massey

Barry Rogers

Nigel Towey


John Andrews

Graham Bird

Mick Brown

Donna Gauden

Stephen Lidiard

Dean Neville

Tony Partridge

Les Phillips

Andrew Slater

Robert Slater

Daniel Sproston

Bill Staite

Malcome Woodyat


AREA 5 – Shropshire – North Midlands – Warwick & Worcester




Lisa Chapman

Alyson Evans

Len Peach

Sonia Robson


Eddie Broad

Louise Cotton

Robert Fousert

Isobel Jones

Bob Mumford

Linda Potter

Mike Potter

Christine Sayers

Phil Scott

William A Weaver


Darren Andrews

Elaine Cosgrave

Peter Dean

Mark Denman

Phil Ellett

John Newsome

David Perry

John Newbury

Richard Oxland

Jerome Turner

Shirley Wigley