JustGo is the provider service for the BCGBA National Database (click on the logo).

JustGo provide a secure database service to a number of sporting bodies, including British Rowing, Coach Bowl and the National Rifle service.  This is a very secure way of holding large members data and will enable access to be granted at many levels to those authorised within BCGBA.  This will reduce the risks associated with data being held on personal computers.  This will also enable us to provide statistics on members and be able to reduce manual processes in the future when we are requested to provide a breakdown of members.


Where are we up to?

We now have all the Counties, Leagues and Clubs entered. Individual members are being uploaded to the clubs they are registered with on the last CR1/2 annual returns.  If you’re a member of more than one club, you should be added to both/all and will show in each club list but only have one profile. (we will be able to identify your primary / main club).

For most members the data only consists of the name and BCGBA registration number. However, to create the individual profiles we must input a date of birth and an email address.  We have therefore included the date of birth where this has been declared and used a default 01/01/1901 for any we have not had. We have used a few email defaults depending on who has uploaded the data.

As of the end of June we over 70,000 playing members uploaded on the system with just a few counties to complete their input.   The Ladies and the Parks will need some cross checking as many will already have been entered via the sixteen main counties.

Each Club will have their own Profile and we have been entering some pictures and contacts as we have progressed, each Club will be able to do this once club level access is rolled out.  We are currently trialling with a few clubs so that the access levels and training can be set up.  Once the log in screen goes live on the BCGBA website, counties will be given regional level access and the registrars will be able to add new registrations directly into the club lists.  Clubs will be able to link the league they play in and Primary and Secondary County.

There will be a degree of rationalising the data as we have had a number of duplicate numbers.  This means more than one person has the same number declared on the CR1 /2 returns.  There could be a number of reasons from simple data entry mistakes on the forms to mistakes in recording numbers.  Where we have been able to identify the correct numbers these have been updated, where not the member has not been entered.  An example being a Lady bowlers’ number being entered as a County number i.e. a WW or NL number so when we try and enter the men’s number a conflict occurs.


Who will have access.?

Initially the County Secretary or Administrator level access will be rolled out, then League and Club access.  Followed by individual access. (to receive this, we will need an email address).  Under Data Protection individuals are entitled to see data we hold, and this is the way we will ensure that we comply and provide the profile access.  In order to get club level access, the Club secretary needs to be in the system as they get Individual access with the club level access added to the profile. (same goes for County and League level access).

The find a club service will be launched in due course, so having contact information on the club profile will enable your club to be found and contacted.

There are several innovations that can be added to the system, such as payment to BCGBA, County and Club via the club plus service which is available at a cost to the club / county.  Further information will follow as clubs inquire. The information is available via the club profile.


Will my Registration Number change?

In the future we will provide the individual access as soon as they apply for registration. (as long as we have a valid email address). Each Player will have their British Crown green number and a GoMembership profile Unique number (these begin with an ME).  These numbers may coincide at some point for new registrations. i.e. NL76700, ME076700.


Will I need to be good with IT to access?

If you are used to logging into a website and setting a password you should not have a problem, some of you may never access your profile, but there will be some benefits in the future which you will be able to access once you are logged in and have updated your account.