1 The following is the only permitted dress for all bowlers in competitions organised or run by the British Crown Green Bowling Association.
2 (a) Shirts: Must be collared, with sleeves, and are to be worn for County representative games and finals days of all competitions.
2 (b) County Associations to determine the style and design of their county shirt, which must conform to 2a and may include the County’s insignia, player’s name, Club insignia, sponsor’s insignia and/or manufacturer’s insignia.
3 (a) Trousers: These shall be black or navy, single colour, full-length tailored trousers, tailored shorts (knee length), skirts (knee length), tailored cropped trousers and straight trousers.
3 (b) Nothing in the above rule shall be interpreted to allow wearing tracksuits, shell suits, denim, combat trousers, jeggings or skinny jeans. External pockets on the legs are not permissible.
4 Where necessary, and in accordance with the pertaining weather conditions, sweaters which conform to the above and/or wet weather gear may be worn (correct dress must be worn under wet gear).
5 In team contests uniform clothing must be worn by team members.
6 Where permitted practice on the day this will only be allowed to those conforming to this standard.  Any player failing to conform to this standard will be prevented from playing (or continuing) in the competition and may be liable to forfeit any entry fee for, or prize money earned in, the competition.
7 In the case of team contests any offending player must be substituted before the commencement of the game. However, if the player’s game has commenced, the player shall score nil and the opponent shall receive the maximum score.
8 Nothing in this rule shall prevent exceptions from being made for individuals with a relevant disability.
9 It is strongly recommended that this be adopted by all subsidiary organisations and other organisers of competitions and that players’ notice be drawn to it on the entry forms for all such competitions.
Hard block-heeled or open-toed footwear must not be worn on the green in any game played under the Association’s jurisdiction. The offending player(s) shall receive no further score and the opponent(s) shall receive the maximum score.
No interpretation of this Law allows a player to play in only socks/stockings or in bare feet.