British Crown Green Bowling Association


BCG Ladies Senior Individual Merit



Saturday 9th July – 10am

Brighouse Sports Club, Russell Way, Brighouse HD6 4LX


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Janet Walker (Greater Manchester)* v Joanne Smith (Burton & District)
Shannon Kernick (Warwick & Worcester) v Susan Pugh (Dudley & District)*
Jackie Burdett (North Midlands) v Liz Buckley (North Warwickshire)
Louise Cotton (Shropshire) v Andrea Buckley (Yorkshire)
Michelle Tootle (Lancashire) v Sylvia Bradbury (Cheshire)
Samantha Murray (South Staffordshire)* v Andrea Bell (Mid Cheshire)
Janice Wilson (North Derbyshire)* v Sally Turner (Yorkshire)
Joan Beer (North Lancs & Fylde) v Nicola Gilmore-Coupe (Merseyside)
Elaine Jones (North Shropshire) v Jackie Fraser (South Yorkshire)
Anita Richardson (Merseyside) v Chloe Hirst (Yorkshire)
Sue Gawne (Isle of Man) v Dawn Parkes (Staffordshire)
Sonia Robson (North Warwickshire) v Sarah Weaver (Shropshire)
Lynn Clarke (North Midlands) v Sharon Rigden (Lancashire)*
Sarah Skidmore (Dudley & District) v Mia Benton (South Staffordshire)
Catherine Lockwood (North Lancs & Fylde) v Aileen Coleman (Wales)*
Liz Roscoe (Mid Cheshire) v Kirsty Darling (Warwick & Worcester)
Sheila Wilson (North Derbyshire) v Amy Tobin (Yorkshire)
Sheila Speed (Greater Manchester) v Wendy Jackson (Burton & District)*
Vikki Wilson (South Staffordshire) v Cheryl Caswell (Shropshire)*
Donna Stancliffe (South Yorkshire) v Karen Galvin (Cheshire)*
Jane Cooper (Staffordshire) v Helen Hinton (North Shropshire)
Lynsey Gorman (Merseyside) v Nicola Boulton (Mid Cheshire)*
Clair Russell (North Lancs & Fylde)* v Wendy Smart (North Warwickshire)
Emily Kernick (Warwick & Worcester)* v Belinda Lloyd (Wales)
Janet Hargreaves (Staffordshire)* v Alyson Evans (North Warwickshire)*
Viv Hampton (Cheshire) v Andrea Ainley (South Yorkshire)*
Carol Verdon (North Midlands)* v Barbara Harrison (Burton & District)
Kaye Coulthard (Dudley & District) v Jasmine Kendall (Yorkshire)
Di Foster (North Shropshire) v Mary Fox (Lancashire)
Alexis Lunn-Gadd (Yorkshire)* v Julie Bonnar (North Derbyshire)
Amanda Nicholas (Wales) v Jenny Moore (Isle of Man)*
Emily Rhodes (South Staffordshire) v Louise Ollerton (Greater Manchester)
* Denotes Merit Winner


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1          Entries for the Senior Merit Competition heats must  be made within the player’s own County to which they are affiliated.  Entry fee to BCGLCC is £5.00 per entrant to be paid at time of entry, no entry accepted without fee.

2          There must be a minimum of sixteen entries from a County Association in order to get a minimum of one qualifier.

3          The number of finalists from each County will be decided annually by the Secretary.  The draw for this competition will be a ‘scattered’ draw.  No substitute will be allowed once the draw has been publicised.

4          At no stage of the competition will any player  be allowed  to  play on a green of which she is a playing member.

5          Each County Association shall be given the opportunity to host the Senior Merit.  The Ladies Presidential Rota will apply with the Senior Merit Final being held in the County of the President. Any County not willing to host the event can decline without question.  In such cases the Management Committee will decide which County will stage the event.

6          The County hosting the final must not play its heat(s) on the green which is to be used for the Final.

7          Any player failing to compete in the final of this  competition shall automatically be suspended from entering all competitions run by the Association for a period of not less than 12 months, to take effect from the next AGM, except by valid reason, i.e. medical certificate.  Subsequent offences to carry a penalty of three years suspension subject to Management decision.

8          Dress code as laid down in Bye-Law 19 of the Association.

9          All games to be played to the Laws of the Game of Crown Green Bowls as laid down in the BCGBA Handbook.

10        The Management Committee will decide on the level of  prize monies to be paid to all qualifiers.

11        There will be a start and scratch time, both of which will be the same.  This will be strictly adhered to, apart from exceptional circumstances to be decided by the Management Committee.

12        Any player receiving a bye in this competition shall be entitled to 10 minutes practice on the green on which they would have played their initial heat.

History of the BCG Ladies Senior Individual Merit


2021     Jenny Moore (Isle of Man)
2020     No competition
2019     Nicola Boulton (Mid Cheshire)
2018     Sarah Nicholas (Wales)
2017     Kerry Brown (South Yorkshire)
2016     Tracy Ryan (Shropshire)
2015     Karen Gant (Yorkshire)
2014     Nicola Boulton (Mid Cheshire)
2013     Helen Gilroy (Yorkshire)
2012     Linda Williams (Wales)
2011     Maliza Herbert (Warwickshire)
2010     Kirsty Darling (Warwickshire)
2009     Maliza Herbert (Warwickshire)
2008     Catherine Lockwood (North Lancs & Fylde)
2007     Sarah Hey (Wales)
2006     Betty Phillips (Wales)
2005     Maggie Barnes (Coventry & District)
2004     Sylvia Smith (Lancashire)
2003     Maggie Pailing (Warwickshire)
2002     Lynn Pritchatt (South Staffordshire)
2001     Debbie Williams (Warwickshire)
2000     Lyn Baghurst (South Derbyshire)
1999     Beryl Fleming (South Staffordshire)
1998     Betty Redman (Warwickshire)
1997     Ann Roberts (North Lancs & Fylde)
1996     Maggie Pailing (Warwickshire)
1995     Pat Davies (Wirral)
1994     Lynn Pritchatt (Warwickshire)
1993     Ann Roberts (North Lancs & Fylde)
1992     Gay Cooper (Wirral)
1991     Sheila Cross (Staffordshire)
1990     Angela Gaut (Shropshire)
1989     Pat Murphy (North Lancs & Fylde)
1988     Marion Stewart (North Warwickshire)
1987     Kath Sperry (Derbyshire)
1986     Doreen Carran (Coventry & District)