British Crown Green Bowling Association


BCGBA Centenary Mixed Pairs


History of the BCGBA Centenary Mixed Pairs



2021     Emily Kernick & Ryan Prosser (Warwick & Worcester)
2020     No competition
2019     Fern Beaumont & Jack Dyson (Yorkshire)
2018     Kellie Hill & Andy Spragg (South Yorkshire)
2017     Cathy Wilson & Graeme Wilson (Greater Manchester)
2016     Cathy Wilson & Graeme Wilson (Greater Manchester)
2015     Andrea Buckley & Michael Sweeney (Yorkshire)
2014     Kerry Brown & Matthew Goulding (South Yorkshire)
2013     Kath Garnett & Wayne Ditchfield (North Lancs & Fylde)
2012     Rachel Bennett & Greg Smith (Warwick & Worcester)
2011     Jenny Moore & John Kennish (Isle of Man)
2010     Lynsey Gorman & Terry Glover (Merseyside)
2009     Debbie Farmer & Andrew Farmer (South Yorkshire)
2008     Lynn Pritchatt & Mel Evans (Staffordshire)
2007     Carol Verdon & Dave Burdett (North Midlands)

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2019 – Fern Beaumont & Jack Dyson (Yorkshire)




1       This event shall be known as the Centenary Mixed Pairs Championship and will be open to partnerships of one female player and one male player.

2       The number of competitors on finals day from each County shall be decided annually by the Management Committee based on the current year’s entries.

3       Players can only qualify for the final stages of this event from one of the sixteen BCGBA County Associations. Each County Association will be allowed a minimum of one qualifying pair, provided there are a minimum of 8 entries.

4       All games shall be 21up off 3.

5       No player will be allowed to qualify for the final stages of the event on his or her own green and should he or she qualify for the final on a green of which he or she is a playing member, then the handicap for the final day shall be reduced by 2 shots for each player it applies to.

6       Each pair will pay an entry fee, the amount to be determined annually by the Management Committee.   County Associations are allowed to determine any additional fee.

7       The Management Committee will decide the venue which must have two suitable greens.