British Crown Green Bowling Association


BCGBA Champion of Champions



Saturday 24th September – 10am – Heaton Park, Greater Manchester


 2022 Competition Results


Cheshire Merit (Tom Vickers)

Cumbria Merit (Ian France)

Derbyshire Merit (Richard Gill)

Greater Manchester Merit (Jack Hargreaves)

Isle of Man Merit (Sunday 3rd July)

Lancashire Merit (Billy Speed)

Merseyside Merit (Josh Bunting)

North Lancs & Fylde Merit (Unavailable)

North Midlands Merit (Stuart Nash)

Potteries & District Merit (Josh Towey)

Shropshire Merit (David Lloyd)

South Yorkshire Merit (Andrew Whittaker)

Staffordshire Merit (Gareth Herbert)

Warwick & Worcester Merit  (Lee Kington)

Welsh Merit (Ian M Jones)

Yorkshire Merit (Jack Dyson)

BCGBA Senior Individual Merit (Saturday 30 July)

BCGBA Junior Individual Merit (Saturday 20 August)

BCGBA Jack & Jean Isherwood Veterans Handicap (Wednesday 20 July)

Autumn Waterloo (Wednesday 21 September)

Brighouse Classic (Saturday 20 August)

British Parks Merit (Sunday 14 August)

Coors Meole Brace Open (Callum Wraight)

Hillcrest Classic (Saturday 9 July)

Isle of Man June Bowling Festival (James Wilcox)

Isle of Man September Bowling Festival (Friday 9 September)

Midland Masters Merit (Sunday 11 September)

Pudsey Classic (Sunday 21 August)

Spring Waterloo (Greg Smith)

Talbot Trophy (Thursday 22 September)

Wharton Cons Open (Sunday 28 August)

Sandal Classic (Sunday 10 July)

Spen Masters (Saturday 3 September)



1       Richmond Open Classic (Sunday 31 July)

2       Castle Private Classic (Saturday 23 July)

3       2021 George Masters (Paul Evans)

4       West Brom Open (Elliot McGuiness)

5       Woodley Spring Classic (Ryan Clark)

6       Conwy County Bowling Festival (Friday 5 August)

7       Rastrick Classic (Sunday 21 August)

8       Lindley Bowling Club 2000 (Friday 29 July)

9     Cleckheaton Sports Classic (Saturday 2 July)

10     Kirkheaton Con 64 (Saturday 10 September)

11     Wrockwardine Wood Open

12     Mastertech Nursery Classic

13     Brownedge Classic

14     Isle of Man Bowling Festival June Tourism (Owen Jackson)

15     Isle of Man Bowling Festival September Tourism (Friday 9 September)

History of the BCGBA Champion of Champions



2021     No Competition
2020     No Competition
2019     Colin Kelly (Isle of Man Merit)
2018     John Bailey (Welsh Merit)
2017     Michael Beer (Talbot Trophy)
2016     Gary Ellis (Greater Manchester Merit)
2015     Callum Wraight (Brighouse Classic)
2014     Simon Coupe (North Lancs & Fylde Merit)
2013     Terry Glover (Merseyside Merit)
2012     John Finch (Merseyside Merit)
2011     Gary Ellis (John Smiths Classic)
2010     Chris Mordue (CCF Open)
2009     Graeme Wilson (Clifford Crawshaw Memorial)
2008     Graeme Wilson (Premier Bowls Open)
2007     John Bailey (Welsh Merit)
2006     Andrew Spragg (BCGBA Senior Merit)
2005     Paul Wilson (Spring Waterloo)
2004     Gary Ellis (John Smiths Classic)
2003     Graeme Wilson (Stanley Collins Memorial)
2002     Alan Thompson (Spen Masters)
2001     Kerry Morris (Potteries & District Merit)
2000     Chris Mordue (Fieldhouse Industrial Services)
1999     Ian Rigby (North Lancs & Fylde Merit)
1998     Paul Strutt (Steve Green Memorial)
1997     Andy Petford (Warwick & Worcester Merit)
1996     Ken Strutt (Spring Waterloo)
1995     Ken Strutt (Autumn Waterloo)
1994     S Jones (Pennfields)
1993     J Robertson (North Midlands Merit)
1992     Steve Williams (Warwick & Worcester Merit)
1991     Brian Duncan (Walnut Tree)
1990     Ian Rigby (North Lancs & Fylde Merit)
1989     Tommy Johnstone (Spring Waterloo)
1988     Martin Gilpin (Cumbria Merit)
1987     Brian Shore (Shropshire Merit)
1986     Steve Smurthwaite (Merseyside Merit)
1985     Robert Hitchen (Yorkshire Merit)
1984     Tony Poole (Shropshire Merit)
1983     Stan Frith (BCGBA Senior Merit)
1982     N Cranston (Yorkshire Merit)
1981     D Ellis (Cheshire Merit)
1980     Noel Burrows (MEN)
1979     T Turner (Midland Masters)
1978     Noel Burrows (St Bruno)
1977     C Bordley (North Midlands Merit)
1976     Tony Poole (Shropshire Merit)
1975     Jim Collen (Autumn Waterloo)
1974     Jim Hadfield (Lancashire Merit)


2019 – Colin Kelly (Isle of Man Merit)

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1       Promotors of Open Contests can apply to the National Administrator to be considered as a qualifying competition.

2       Competitions will be considered based on the previous season’s total number of entries and total prize money.

3       No competition will be considered unless in receipt of an Open Contest Certificate.

4       No competition will be considered if they include home bowlers, unless receiving total entries in excess of 128, or allow re-entries.

5       The thirty-two contestants shall be determined by their success in their Senior County Merit Competition, the winner of the All-Britain Senior Individual Merit, the Junior Individual Merit, The Jack & Jean Isherwood Veteran’s Merit and the winners of competitions, in order, determined by the Management Committee

6       There will be an entry fee, determined by the Management Committee, for each qualifying competition.

7       The competition will be played at a venue determined by the Management Committee.

8       All games shall be 21-up off scratch.

9       Any player receiving a bye in the first round shall be entitled to 10 minutes practice starting at the time they would have played the first round game.

10     The Dress Code for the competition will be the BCGBA Dress Code plus the following – Players must wear the appropriate shirt (red or blue) provided by BCGBA for the competition. If the player deems it necessary to wear protective clothing over the shirt, they must wear the provided coloured ‘tabard/bib’ on top of that protective clothing.

11     Referees appointed for the competition shall be allowed match expenses, and BCGBA shall be responsible for payment.