Frequently Asked Questions about the BGCBA

What does the BCGBA do?

The British Crown Green Bowling Association is the ‘governing’ body to the game of Crown Green Bowling. The BCGBA looks after:

Rule of the Game
BCGBA Competitions – Mens, Ladies and Juniors
Player Registrations
County relationships

What is the subscription cost to the BCGBA?

The BCGBA is funded through subscriptions made by Bowling Clubs through the relevant County association. The BCGBA raises additional funds from grants, sponsorship and competitions.

What are the major BCGBA Competitions?

The BCGBA website shows all BCGBA major competitions, past winners and future dates. Across the Association there are various County and Club competitions that contribute as qualifiers to BCGBA majors. Competitors taking part in any of the 32 Order of Merit competitions are awarded ‘merit points’. At the end of the season, the Order of Merit Final of 32 players determines the Champion of Champions.

How can I enter BGCBA Competitions?

The answer to this question is to take part in your County qualifying competitions and, if you can, enter Merit Open competitions.

How long is turnaround time?

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Rules adjudication?

The BGCBA trains referees, coaches and county representatives in the ‘Rules’ – the BCGBA have a FAQ on Rules and will be working toward an AI Rules engine in the coming years.

What are the benefits of being a member of the BCGBA?

The are many benefits to membership, perhaps the most obvious is that to play in a recognised league, team of competition you MUST have a BCGBA membership no.. In addition, the BCGBA look after and assist clubs and counties to remain compliant and relevant to the changing world.

Want to ask something else? Just send contact us via the website and we will do our best to respond

For any other questions please contact us or email on info@bcgba.org.uk

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