1          The club should take immediate steps to form a working group to co-ordinate plans for objections to closure.

2          Notification should be sent to the Club’s respective County Association as representatives of the BCGBA.

3          Notice should be given to all respective Leagues and Associations who may be affected by the proposals and that a request should be made for their support in any objections made.

4          Commence a petition with copies to all Clubs in the area.

5          Local residents should be consulted and asked for their support by way of letters of objection and the petitions available.

6          Elected members and Parish Council members should be asked to support any objection and in particular elected members who may sit on the Council Committee to which the proposals may be discussed and approved.

7          Contact the planning department of the Local Authority concerned and make a request to examine the plans, which are normally available.

8          Objections should also be made to the body responsible for the proposals by all parties supporting the action.

9          Letter(s) to your Local and Regional Sports Council.  Your County Association will appoint a Liaison Officer, who will assist the working group. Your County Association will also communicate with the Regional  Sports  Council   and   the   BCGBA,   who   will   write   letter   of objection.

10        Attendance at public meetings is essential.

In co-ordinating such objections the working group must ensure that a convincing argument is put forward highlighting reasons why the planned proposals should not be agreed to.

In compiling a case for objection here are some points to include in your written objections:

What benefit arises from the current use of the green?  How much is the facility used and how does it serve the local community?  What other options are available?

You should utilise your green as much as possible during the period of objection, consider competitions, coaching sessions, involve bowlers of  both sexes and all ages.

If necessary, seek legal advice.  Contact the BCGBA regarding possible financial assistance in this respect.