The British Crown Green Bowling Association have been working with Manchester City Council to return Crown Green to Heaton Park.  Since the Commonwealth Games in 2002 there has been the intention to convert two of the four greens in the Park to Crown Green.

Phase 1 of the planning process is now being completed with the works now in progress on site with a plan for these to be available for the start of the 2020 season.  Phase 2 of the planning will work with the existing flat green club, Heaton Hall Bowls Club, to increase the use of this valuable resource for the promotion of the sport across Manchester and the Crown Green game.

This is an exciting project both for the Park and British Crown Green with the relocation of our Association meetings to the Park.  We will also be planning Coaching courses with Coach Bowls for the development of Level 1 and Level 2 Coaches as part of the Association’s development strategy.

We are also working with the Beaver, Cubs, Brownies and Scouts groups to introduce the game to a new audience.  As part of the Association development plan this will give us a fantastic opportunity to work on development projects to promote the game to all.  We will also be looking to engage with Health Professionals to promote an active lifestyle and the sociability our sport can offer to all ages.