British Crown Green Bowling Association







SUNDAY 8th MAY 2022

Premier Division:

Yorkshire v Wales

Staffordshire v Shropshire


SUNDAY 12th JUNE 2022

Premier Division:

Yorkshire v Shropshire

Staffordshire v Wales


SUNDAY 10th JULY 2022

Premier Division:

Yorkshire v Staffordshire

Wales v Shropshire






Match Day 1: Sunday 8th May

Match Day 2: Sunday 10th July


History of the BCGBA Junior County Championship



2019     Yorkshire 2019     Derbyshire 2019     Cheshire


2018     Yorkshire
2017     Yorkshire
2016     Yorkshire
2015     Yorkshire
2014     Warwick & Worcester
2013     Yorkshire
2012     Yorkshire
2011     Yorkshire
2010     Yorkshire
2009     Warwick & Worcester
2008     Warwick & Worcester
2007     Yorkshire
2006     Shropshire
2005     Yorkshire
2004     Yorkshire
2003     Yorkshire
2002     Yorkshire
2001     Yorkshire
2000     Cheshire
1999     Shropshire
1998     Merseyside
1997     Cheshire
1996     Wales
1995     Wales
1994     Wales
1993     Yorkshire
1992     South Yorkshire
1991     Merseyside
1990     Yorkshire
1989     Derbyshire
1988     Greater Manchester
1987     Warwick & Worcester
1986     Greater Manchester
1985     Warwick & Worcester
1984     Yorkshire







1       County teams in the Premier Division shall be composed of 24 players, 12 playing at home and 12 away.  County teams in Division 1 and Division 2 shall be composed of 20 players, 10 playing at home and 10 away.  Players shall not have reached the age of 18 years on 1st January of the year of the competition.  The games all to be played on the same day and on the green of a Club directly affiliated to the County Association and a list of all such affiliated Clubs to be sent to the BCGBA National Administrator on or before 1st April in each year.  Players selected must be bona fide members of a Club affiliated to the County Association.  The name of the Club must be placed after the player’s name on the programme.  No home team player shall be allowed to play in a County Match on a green of any Club of which they are a playing member, nor play for more than one County in any one season.  Definition of a playing member: One who pays a subscription to a Bowling Club or to a Bowling Section of a Sports or Social Club, someone who represents a club in an official league / cup match or is a member of an organisation which utilises the green of such Club or Section. If this rule is transgressed then the game shall be awarded to his opponent 21 points to nil.  If a green is considered to be unfit for play owing to weather conditions, the onus and responsibility for abandoning a match shall rest with the Referee and Groundsman.  If a County Championship game cannot be played due to the green having been deemed unfit for play the game shall be played within seven days at the same venue, the draw for the matches to stand.  If due to adverse weather conditions the game at one venue has to be abandoned, the rule in relation to playing both matches on the same day will not apply.  Matches will not be abandoned before 4 p.m.

2       Games shall be 21 up and matches should be played on the second Sunday of the month, always on a different day to a Senior County Match and will commence at 2 p.m. unless mutually arranged.  Visiting teams to have first cast of the jack.  Jacks to be used in County Matches shall be available for practice.  A minimum of 10 standard jacks must be available for practice.

3       Counties will be split into 3 leagues. The Premier League consisting of 5 teams, Division 1 consisting of 5/4 teams and Division 2 consisting of 5/4 teams, 2 points will be awarded for an overall win and 1 point each in the event of a drawn game. The county gaining the most points in the Premier will be county champions and receive the Jim Grant Memorial Trophy. The second place team will receive the Eddie Elson trophy.  If two teams are equal on points, placement will be decided on +/-.  The team gaining the most points in Division 1 & 2 will be promoted and the least points in Premier and Division 1 will be relegated.  If two teams are equal on points it will decided on the +/-.

4       Matches in each league shall be played on the second Sunday of each month between May and September using a set formula denoted by each team’s seeding at the end of the previous season. Team 1 in each division are the champions/relegated team from the upper division and team 5 are the lowest placed team/promoted team from the lower division.


May Fixture     1 v 5 – 2 v 4 – 3 no match

June Fixture    1 v 4 – 2 v 3 – 5 no match

July Fixture      4 v 3 – 2 v 5 – 1 no match

August Fixture 1 v 3 – 4 v 5 – 2 no match

September Fixture        1 v 2 – 5 v 3 – 4 no match


May Fixture     1 v 3 – 2 v 4

June Fixture    1 v 4 – 2 v 3

July Fixture      1 v 2 – 3 v 4


May Fixture     1 v 2 – 3 no match

June Fixture    3 v losing team from May fixture

July Fixture      3 v winning team from May fixture

5        County Associations shall select their team at least 14 days before the dates of their matches except when County matches are due to be played within 14 days; when County Associations shall select their teams at least 7 days before the date of the matches.  No County shall be allowed to adopt rules which penalise in whatever form their opponent’s away team players or any Club for which they play so as to affect their opponents County away team selections. Where a venue has more than one green, the green intended for play should be clearly indicated to their opponents.  No County shall play more than one match on one green during the same season.  Home teams and reserves shall be allowed practice up to the day of the match and also 15 minutes practice which shall terminate five minutes before the away team practice is due to start on the day of play and half an hour’s practice (which shall terminate ten minutes before the agreed time of the start of the match) shall be allowed the visiting team and reserves on the day of play.  No practice is allowed by ‘away’ players once a green and teams have been officially exchanged, subject to the rules in relation to normal competitive games.  Should this action occur, then that player should be barred from taking part in the relevant match.  After the commencement of the match no further practice shall be allowed at that venue.

6        Counties shall give at least 14 days’ notice of their teams, reserves, venue and officials to their opponents and the National Administrator by entering all the details on the approved Bowling Results website before midnight on the Sunday 2 weeks prior to the match.  Failure to comply with the above will incur a fine of £20.00 on the defaulting County.  The draw thus arrived at shall be strictly adhered to unless with the consent of the two captains and the referee.  Not less than two reserves shall be named on the programme and no other player shall take part in the match until the named reserves have been called upon to play.  The home players only shall be numbered according to the programme.

7        Approved referees shall be appointed for all County matches and they shall be paid agreed match expenses and a meal provided at the County venue.  All expenses to be paid by the Referees Society Secretary.  The Home County shall appoint two Assistant referees to assist the referee. The Home County will be responsible for providing all measuring equipment likely to be required by the referee.  The Referee, the 2 Assistant Referees, a nominated Home Team Official and an Away Team Official form a committee of 5 to control any verbal abuse around the green with an announcement before the Match that Verbal Abuse of Juniors will not be acceptable and immediately reported to the Referee to avoid distress.

8        If a player playing in a Junior County Championship game is discovered to be over the age of 18 as stipulated in Rule 1, then the game shall be awarded to his opponent 21 points to nil.

9        Each County Association shall pay to the British Crown Green Bowling Association the sum of £5.00 in respect of each home match.

10      Each County Association shall pay to the British Crown Green Bowling Association an agreed sum per match, as determined annually by the Management Committee, to pay the Referee’s match expenses.

11      Each County shall inform the National Safeguarding Officer of their Junior Team Managers and Selectors by 1st April each year before the Championship commences and any change in Managers or Selectors must also be communicated to the National Safeguarding Officer timely. This will allow time to apply for DBS’s for those who do not hold a current DBS prior to them being active.  Failure to do this will disqualify that County for that year.

History of the BCGBA Junior Supplementary County Championship



2017     South Yorkshire
2016     Staffordshire
2015     North Midlands
2014     No Competition
2013     South Yorkshire
2012     Wales
2011     South Yorkshire
2010     Shropshire
2009     Staffordshire
2008     Yorkshire
2007     Merseyside
2006     Yorkshire
2005     Potteries & District
2004     Potteries & District
2003     South Yorkshire
2002     South Yorkshire
2001     Warwick & Worcester
2000     Yorkshire
1999     Merseyside
1998     Cheshire
1997     Wales
1996     North Lancs & Fylde





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