British Crown Green Bowling Association


BCGBA Junior Individual Merit


History of the BCGBA Junior Individual Merit



2021     Aaron Brine (Yorkshire)
2020     No Competition
2019     Callum Sharples (Cumbria)
2018     Matthew Worden (Wales)
2017     Lucas Hall (Warwick & Worcester)
2016     Andrew Armstrong (Wales)
2015     Ben Stenway (Potteries & District)
2014     Jordan Baddeley (North Midlands)
2013     Adam Patrick (Warwick & Worcester)
2012     Danny Towning (Yorkshire)
2011     Josh Towey (Potteries & District)
2010     Greg Smith (Warwick & Worcester)
2009     Wayne Ditchfield (North Lancs & Fylde)
2008     Greg Smith (Warwick & Worcester)
2007     Wayne Ditchfield (North Lancs & Fylde)
2006     Wayne Ditchfield (North Lancs & Fylde)
2005     Wayne Ditchfield (North Lancs & Fylde)
2004     Gareth Herbert (Warwick & Worcester)
2003     Callum Wraight (Shropshire)
2002     Michael Hick (Yorkshire)
2001     Rob Winnington (Cheshire)
2000     Andrew Owen (Potteries & District)
1999     Andrew Owen (Potteries & District)
1998     David May (Derbyshire)
1997     J Mottershead (Cheshire)
1996     I Weaver (Shropshire)
1995     Nick Burridge (Merseyside)
1994     S Pratt (North Midlands)
1993     Craig Newton (Yorkshire)
1992     Richard Burdett (North Midlands)
1991     David Tubley (Derbyshire)
1990     Dave O’Brien (Greater Manchester)
1989     Jonathan Lowes (Cumbria)
1988     J Sturdy (Warwick & Worcester)
1987     D Cornes (Cheshire)
1986     Richard Everitt (Staffordshire)
1985     Andy Buckley (Greater Manchester)
1984     Andrew Spragg (Derbyshire)
1983     Carl Parker (Lancashire)
1982     D Hales (Yorkshire)
1981     M Halliwell (Wales)
1980     M Burdon (North Midlands)
1979     Robert Crawshaw (Cheshire)
1978     R Towle (Derbyshire)
1977     N Cranston (Yorkshire)
1976     G Jones (Wales)
1975     A Matthews (Staffordshire)
1974     J Garbutt (Yorkshire)

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2019 – Callum Sharples (Cumbria)




1       The number of competitors from each County shall be decided annually by the Management Committee.  Competitors in the Senior Individual Merit Competition shall be male only. Competitors in the Junior Individual Merit Competition shall be male or female.  The contestants shall be determined by their success in their respective County Merit Competitions, strictly in order of merit and the Junior Merit shall be confined to competitors who shall not have reached the age of 18 years on the 1st January of the year of the Competition.  Qualifying rounds for the Senior Individual Merit must be played by a date agreed by the Management Committee.  When a County Association submits the names of their competitors to the Association National Administrator they must also submit the names, in order of merit of two substitute competitors and these substitutes can be utilised to replace any of the originally named competitors who are unable to take part.  No other substitutes to be used.  Non appearance on finals day or misuse of substitutes may lead to disciplinary action.

2       At no stage of this competition will any player be allowed to play on a green of which he is a playing member.  County Associations must play their Merit Competitions on a green or greens other than the one on which the British Crown Green Association’s Merit Competition is to be played.

3       Each County Association shall pay £20.00 in respect of each of their players qualifying in the Senior Merit and  £10.00  in  respect of each player qualifying in the Junior Merit.

4       No players will be allowed practice on the selected green after they have qualified in their own County Merit.

5       All competitors must have played in the current season’s County Merit Competition, substitutes to be taken in rotation.

6       Players can only compete for one County in the Individual Merit Competition.  Any player in membership with Clubs in more than one County, shall be allowed to enter in one County only.  A player having been selected to play for one County Association in the County Championship cannot play in another County’s Merit Competition that season or vice versa.   Any violation of this rule will entail disqualification.

7       All games in the competition shall be under the supervision of competent officials nominated by the Management Committee.

 8      County Associations shall play their merit qualifying and final rounds only on a green(s) situated within the confines of their County boundaries as recommended by the BCGBA.

9       Each County Association shall be given the opportunity to host the Senior and Junior Merits.  The Presidential Rota will apply with the Senior Merit being held in the County of the President and the Junior Merit being held in the County of the Deputy President.   Any County not willing to accept either event can decline without question.  In such cases the Management Committee to decide which County will stage the event with the proviso that the Counties in the preceding four and succeeding four of the rota will only be considered if all the others decline.  In all cases the venue nominated by the respective County must be approved by the Management Committee.

10     Referees appointed for the BCGBA Individual Merit final days shall be allowed match expenses, and BCGBA shall be responsible for payment.

11     All games shall be 21up, off scratch.

12     The Dress Code for the Competition will be the BCGBA Dress Code plus the following – Players must wear the appropriate shirt (red or blue) provided by BCGBA for the competition.  If the player deems it necessary to wear protective clothing over the shirt, they must wear the  provided coloured ‘tabard/bib’ on top of that protective clothing.