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BCG Ladies Junior County Team Championship



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History of the BCG Ladies Junior County Team Championship


2022      Warwick & Worcester
2021      No competition
2020      No competition
2019      Shropshire
2018      Warwick & Worcester
2017      Warwick & Worcester
2016      Warwick & Worcester
2015      Yorkshire
2014      Yorkshire
2013      Shropshire
2012      Yorkshire
2011      Yorkshire
2010      Wales
2009      Shropshire
2008      Shropshire
2007      Isle of Man
2006      Isle of Man
2005      Isle of Man
2004      North Lancs & Fylde
2003      North Lancs & Fylde
2002      Isle of Man




1       The Junior County Team Championship shall be held annually on the third Saturday in May, commencing at 9.30am, the venue(s) of the event to be determined by the Management Committee.

2       Each County Association in membership shall be entitled to enter a team in this event until 16 teams are entered when a rota will be established.  Teams for this event will consist of six players, of which at least two must be female, who have not reached the age of 18 on 1st January of the year of the competition.  The event will be played off on one day.  Each County shall submit to the official in charge a squad list, maximum of eight players, from which all teams must be selected on the day of the event.  There will be an entry fee for each team, (£10.00), this to be determined annually by the Management Committee.  The closing date for entering a team will be 1st March.  Players must be bona fide members of a Club affiliated to their County Association and must not have played in the Ladies County Championship or any British Crown Green Ladies Competitions Committee competition for another County Association during the season concerned.  Any County Association without the requisite number of players to field a team, may join with another County Association to make up a team and enter the competition.

3       The earlier rounds will be drawn in groups and played on a round robin basis.  The Management Committee deciding on the format of the finals dependent on entries.

4       Prior to each match in the Championship, Counties must submit their teams in playing order to the official in charge.  Teams must be selected from the original submitted squad list.  If a nominated player is then not available at the start of the appropriate game he/she can be replaced by a reserve from the squad list.  No player shall play on a green selected for the final stages of this event, of which she is a member.

5       In every match the toss of a coin shall determine the even cast of jacks.  No practice will be allowed on selected greens seven days prior to the matches.  In each match the team with the highest aggregate (total shots for minus total shots against) shall be the winner and awarded two points, in the case of a draw one point each will be awarded.  After completion of the Round Robin matches the team with the most points shall be declared the winner.  In the case of a tie, the following order of elimination shall apply.

Tie on points – best aggregate score (total shots for minus total shots against)

Tie on aggregate – the team with the most winners

If still a tie – the team with the best winner

If still a tie – the second, third, fourth best winner, etc.

6       Each competing County Association shall provide at least one referee.  Any County Association failing to do so will   not be allowed to compete in the competition.

7       If there are insufficient County entries for this event to make a final stage of sixteen teams, consideration will be given to inviting participating Counties to submit a second team, those to make up the sixteen to be drawn out of the entries received.