British Crown Green Bowling Association


BCGBA Senior Supplementary County Championship


History of the BCGBA Senior Supplementary County Championship



2021     No competition
2020     No competition
2019     North Lancs & Fylde
2018     Cheshire
2017     North Lancs & Fylde
2016     Merseyside
2015     Yorkshire
2014     Yorkshire
2013     Potteries & District
2012     Cheshire
2011     Merseyside
2010     Wales
2009     Staffordshire
2008     South Yorkshire
2007     Staffordshire
2006     Shropshire
2005     Greater Manchester
2004     Wales
2003     Wales
2002     Warwick & Worcester
2001     Greater Manchester
2000     Shropshire
1999     Derbyshire
1998     Warwick & Worcester
1997     Staffordshire
1996     Yorkshire
1995     Greater Manchester
1994     Greater Manchester
1993     Greater Manchester
1992     Shropshire

2019 – North Lancs & Fylde




1          The Supplementary Senior County Championship will take place after the preliminary rounds of the Senior County Championship have been concluded and will be contested by the County Associations which finish in positions two and three in each of the four Sections, with the exception that in respect of the County Association finishing bottom of the three team Section shall be replaced by the Isle of Man.  The event will take place on the date nominated for the Semi-final stages of the Senior County Championship at a two green neutral venue, selected as soon as the qualifiers are known, by the National Administrator and Competitions Officer. The County Associations involved will be notified of the venue as soon as it has been selected.

2          Teams for this event will consist of 8 players and each County shall submit to the Official in charge on the day of the event, a squad list, maximum of 12 players, from which all teams must   be selected.  In the rounds prior to the final, the competing teams will be drawn in groups of 4 and will play on a round robin basis to determine a finalist.  After the first matches are completed, Counties can change their teams and these must be nominated and submitted to the Official in charge before the commencement of any subsequent match.  If a nominated player is not available at the start of a respective game, he can be replaced by a nominated reserve, but he will be able to play in any subsequent rounds.  No player shall play on a green selected for this event of which he is a playing member.  All games will be 21 up off 3.

3          In every match, the toss of a coin will determine the even cast of jacks.  No practice will be allowed on selected greens 7  days prior to the matches taking place.  Players should report to the Referee.  If not able to take to the green for whatever reason at the appropriate time, the respective County can replace the player(s) with a nominated reserve.  In each match the team with the highest aggregate shots scored will be declared the winner and awarded two points, in the case of a draw one point each will be awarded.  After the completion of the 3 round robin matches, the team with the most points will be declared group winner and progress to the final. Should there be a tie at this stage, the team with the highest plus aggregate, will be declared the group winner. If still a tie the highest number of wins over the three matches will be the winners. If still a tie the result against the team that is level on points, will decide. If still a tie it will be the best winner in all 3 group matches.

4          In the final the winners will be decided on aggregate.  Should this result in a tie, the winners will be the team with the most individual winners, then the team with the best winner, then the team with the second, third, fourth best winner, etc.

5          In each group the three matches will be played on the  same green.   In the final, four games will be played on two greens.   The second four games of the  final will not start until the first four games have finished.  If both teams contesting the final agree, the final can be played on one green.   If a venue has a third suitable unused green, the final will be played on this green.

6          Referees will be supplied from the County Association where the event is being held.

7          Rules 8 and 9 of the Senior County Rules will not apply in relation to this event.

8          The draw for the Senior Supplementary County Championship will be as follows:

Group One on Green 1: Runner-up in Section 1, Third in Section 2, Runner-up in Section 3,  Isle  of  Man. 

Group Two on Green 2: Third in Section  1,  Runner-up  in  Section 2, Third in Section 3, Runner-up in Section 4.