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History of the BCGBA World Club Championship / Club Championship



World Club Championship

2022     Pudsey (Yorkshire)
2021     No competition
2020     No competition
2019     Greville Arms (Warwick & Worcester)
2018     Parkfield Labour (North Lancs & Fylde)
2017     King George V (Warwick & Worcester)
2016     Parkfield Labour (North Lancs & Fylde)
2015     Thongsbridge (Yorkshire)
2014     M&B Cheslyn Hay (Staffordshire)
2013     St Josephs (North Lancs & Fylde)
2012     Lloyd Hotel (British Parks)
2011     St Josephs (North Lancs & Fylde)


Club Championship

2010     Tonge (Greater Manchester)
2009     Lloyd Hotel (Cheshire) / Tonge (Greater Manchester)
2008     Tonge (Greater Manchester)
2007     Budenberg (Cheshire)
2006     Lower Hopton (Yorkshire)
2005     Castlefields (Shropshire)
2004     Chester Road (Shropshire)
2003     Garswood Hall (Lancashire)
2002     Spen Victoria (Yorkshire)
2001     Middleport Park (Potteries & District)
2000     Garswood Hall (Lancashire)
1999     Garswood Hall (Lancashire)
1998     The George (Warwick & Worcester)
1997     Castlefields (Shropshire)
1996     Millhouses Park (South Yorkshire)
1995     Sale Excelsior (Cheshire)
1994     Garswood Hall (Lancashire)
1993     Castlefields (Shropshire)










1       The World Club Championship shall be held annually with the preliminary rounds on the last two Sundays in March and the first two Sundays in April.  The final to be held on the third Sunday in April.  The venue shall have no less than two greens and will be decided by the Management Committee.

2       Each of the 15 County Associations in membership shall nominate two Clubs to the Association National Administrator by the 1st January each year.  The Isle of Man Crown Green Bowling Association and the British Parks Crown Green Bowling Association will be invited to nominate one Club each by the same date.  Nominations should be Cup or League winners.

3       Teams for this event will consist of 8 players and each Club shall submit to the Official in charge on the day of the event, a squad list, maximum of 16 players, from which all teams must be selected.  Players named on the squad list must have been registered playing members for that Club during the qualifying season and in the current season.

4       There will be an entry fee for each team, this to be determined annually by the Management Committee.

5       All games shall be 21up off scratch.  Proceedings will commence at 11.00am

6       If a nominated player is not available at the start of a respective game, he can be replaced by a nominated reserve, but will be able to play in any subsequent rounds.  After the first round, successful Clubs may change their teams, and these must be submitted to the Official in charge before the commencement of any subsequent match.

7       In the qualifying rounds eight teams will play on each date with two matches on each green.  The winner of each match will then play off on the other green to determine the two qualifiers for the final day.  On the final day two matches will take place on each green (quarter-finals).  The winner of each match will then play off on the other green (semi-finals).  The final will then be held on the green chosen by the Official in charge.

8       In  every  match,   the   toss   of   a   coin   shall   determine   the   cast  of Jacks (odd and evens).  No practice will be allowed.  In each match the team with the highest aggregate shall be the winner.  In the case of a tie, the following order of elimination shall apply.

Tie on aggregate  – the team with the most winners.

If  still a tie – the team with the best winner.

If  still a tie – the 2nd, 3rd, 4th best winner etc

 9      Each participating Club shall provide a measurer.  The British Crown Green Bowling Association shall provide referees.

10     Clubs may only compete in one County Club Championship.

11     A player may not play for more than one Club in the World Club Championship.

12     BCGBA Dress Code will apply.