1. The BCGBA Competitions Committee shall organise and run the following competitions: Dorothy Piearce Memorial Pairs, Champion of Champions, Senior Merit Competition, Junior Merit Competition, Senior County Championship, President’s County Championship, Junior County Team Championship, Veterans’ County Championship, Club Championship, County Average Winners Classic, Mavis Dearden Supplementary County Championship.
  1. The BCGBA Competitions Committee shall comprise of the Ladies’ President, Deputy President (who shall be nominated by their respective counties according to the Presidential Rota), Chairman, Competitions Officer and three committee members. The Chairman and Committee members to be elected yearly at the Annual Meeting.  In the event of the Chairman being unable to attend a meeting, the President or nominated person will chair the meeting.  A quorum shall consist of at least 50% of the appointed committee for all meetings.
  1. The Annual Meeting shall be held on the first Sunday in November each year for the election of the committee, to consider the competition rules and any other relevant business. A notice calling this meeting, together with any notices of motion received shall be issued to each county association no later than 1st October of each year.  Each county in membership is eligible to bring three delegates to the meeting but only one vote from each county will be allowed.  Notices of any proposed alteration or addition to the rules, stating a reason for the proposition, must be in the hands of the BCGBA National Administrator no later than 1st September each year.  A simple majority of votes cast will determine the outcome of a notice of motion.  In the event of a tie in voting, the Chairman will have a casting vote.  Non-attendance by a county shall incur a fine of £40 for the first year; £80 for the second consecutive year together with a 12 month suspension from the Senior County Championship and the Veterans’ competitions; £100 for the third consecutive year together with a full ban in all competitions and events run by the BCGBA Competitions Committee.
  1. If required, the BCGBA Competitions Committee will hold a secretaries meeting in March each year.
  1. All counties will receive an invoice for the annual fees with a due date clearly stated. Any county failing to settle the invoice by the due date will be fined £20 for each month or part month.  All monies shall be deposited into a BCGBA account in liaison with the BCGBA Financial Officer.
  1. All players registered with a club which is affiliated to their county associations are eligible to play in a county match or any competition run by the BCGBA Competitions Committee. Players who begin the season with a county can change their allegiance through the course of a year, provided they have not been named or taken part in any BCGBA county games or competitions for the original county.
  1. Any violation of this Bye-Law in the Senior County Championship or any competitions will result in the game being awarded to their opponent 21-0 and a two season ban from other county championship matches or in all competitions, dependent on where the violation occurred.
  1. A county that fails to notify the Competitions Officer of their entries by the due date – even if the entry is nil – will be fined £10 for each respective competition.
  1. The BCGBA Competitions Committee’s Bye-Laws and competition rules supersede any county and club Bye-Laws and rules. Failure to adhere to this Bye-Law will incur a £25 fine for each offence.
  1. The Presentation of Awards to be made annually at the Presentation Lunch held on the last Saturday in November each year. Prize winners should attend to collect their prizes as a matter of courtesy.  All prize winners are to be responsible for the engraving of the trophies.
  1. Each Ladies County Association is to provide at least two raffle prizes, minimum combined value of £15, each season. Any county association failing to comply will be invoiced £15.
  1. Any matter not provided for in the foregoing rules shall be dealt with by the BCGBA Competitions Committee.

19        Ladies Competition Committee Dress Code

1        The following is the only permitted dress for all bowlers in competitions organised or run by the British Crown Green Bowling Association. 

2        (a) Shirts: Must be collared, with sleeves, and are to be worn for County representative games and finals days of all competitions.

2        (b) County Associations to determine the style and design of their county shirt, which must conform to 2a and may include the County’s insignia, player’s name, Club insignia, sponsor’s insignia and/or manufacturer’s insignia.

3        (a) Trousers: These shall be black or navy, single colour, full-length tailored trousers, tailored shorts (knee length), skirts (knee length), tailored cropped trousers and straight trousers.

3        (b) Nothing in the above rule shall be interpreted to allow the wearing of tracksuits, shell suits, denim, combat trousers, jeggings or skinny jeans. External pockets on the legs are not permissible.

4        Where necessary, and in accordance with the pertaining weather conditions, sweaters which conform to the above and/or wet weather gear may be worn (correct dress must be worn under wet gear).

5        In team contests uniform clothing must be worn by team members.

6        Where permitted practice on the day this will only be allowed to those conforming to this standard.  Any player failing to conform to this standard will be prevented from playing (or continuing) in the competition and may be liable to forfeit any entry fee for, or prize money earned in, the competition.

 7        In the case of team contests any offending player must be substituted before the commencement of the game. However, if the player’s game has commenced, the player shall score nil and the opponent shall receive the maximum score.

 8        Nothing in this rule shall prevent exceptions from being made for individuals with a relevant disability.

 9        It is strongly recommended that this be adopted by all subsidiary organisations and other organisers of competitions and that players’ notice be drawn to it on the entry forms for all such competitions.


LAST UPDATED – Saturday 21st January 2023